is a webcam agency claiming to offer British performers daily payouts on several significant sites. The agency has only been in operation for a couple of years, and we have received numerous reports requesting reviewal.

Upon reviewing, we found some bad things and many red flags indicating this is not a safe service to join.

Who Are

The owner of has opted to hide their identity, which was our first red flag. The company claims to be VAT and ICO registered, yet they share no details on their company or registration numbers.

One report we received in Feb 2022 indicates that is an affiliate of the notorious Payments from the same individual suggest that use the DP service to process their model’s payments. This would make sense why they receive so many complaints of late and incorrect payments. They are reliant on an unreliable third party to process their model payments.

Are Club Daily Pay Safe & Legitimate?

Comments and reviews from previous members would suggest that they are not a legitimate business. Members of the toxic group claim that Club Daily Pay would take a higher percentage than what was promised, pay them late (sometimes not at all), and try to entice them to remain a member of their agency, often making threats if they attempt to leave. are part of adultworks “watch groups” and faces a high risk of closure. It is uncertain whether other websites are aware of their activities.

Should I Join

We would highly recommend against joining, as there is a good chance you’ll fall victim to their service. Thankfully, the agency is tiny, as most performers can spot a lousy agency a mile away. You must always research as these things are easy to get trapped into.

Here, you can find a list of trusted and high-risk webcam agencies.

How To Leave

If you’re a member of and fear that your group manager is hesitant to remove you after putting in your leave request, I would advise contacting the site you broadcast on and complaining directly to them. In many cases, they can provide further guidance and support.

You can share your experience with by leaving your review in the comments below. Sometimes, we ask you to verify your experience to prevent manipulation and false accusations and give our visitors the safest experience possible.

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