Bestcamsites.co are reputable industry leaders in webcam business reviews, and that’s why tens of thousands of users visit us every month to ensure safe surfing. We review the most prominent sites and those that receive a high number of reports we deem necessary to check. One webcam agency that keeps popping up on our radar is the notorious dailypayservice.com (AdultWork’s Finest Performers).

Group Managers Collin Mccall & Janine Mccall

Collin Mccall and Janine Mccall of Lisburn

Dailypayservice.com (AdultWork’s Finest Performers) is run and owned by Collin Mccall and Janine Mccall of Lisburn, Northern Island. In the early day, the group claimed to be run by escorts and webcam models. Although this was the case, Janine Mccall no longer escorts or works as a webcam model, and she has been out of the business for quite some time. Though some talk of experience may be true, low ratings and bad reviews on her previous adultwork account suggest that she may not be the best instructor for success.

Is Dailypayservice.com Safe Or Legit?

Dailypayservice.com primarily operates on the popular British site adultwork.com. They go by “AdultWork’s Finest Performers” and run the site’s most significant and oldest group. In terms of legitimacy, there are very mixed reviews. While most members seem to complain of late payments, and essentially they do not get the service Collin and Janine claim to offer, very few deny getting paid at some point.

Additionally, a small number of their members claim to receive incorrect payments, more frequently than not. One member, in particular, reported that when she raised her concerns with Collin and Janine, she received the following response…

Hi, the payment is correct.


Collin Mccall

Lastly, many members have reported their struggles leaving the group. At the same time, the member (mentioned above) claims to have put in her leave request and sent several messages over 48 hours while awaiting removal. After some time, she received this message.

Hi, we are going to get you removed soon.

I want to say that you shouldn’t join other groups, as they are mostly scammers. If you leave us and join with someone else, you risk being a fraud target, and we or adultwork cannot help you from there.


Collin Mccall

Despite delays and defamation attempts from dailypayservices.com, in hopes of scaring members into staying, this member stood firm, said she still wanted out and was released the following day. She claims she didn’t receive the final payment from her withdrawn credits; however, it’s not clear if this is because the minimum payout amount wasn’t reached.

Our Review On AdultWork Group Dailypayservice.com

We decided to perform some of our checks on the highly reported adultwork agency, dailypaysrvice.com. Their FAQ section stood out before anything else for all the wrong reasons. We noticed many fibs, which led us to leak the incoming complaints.

Firstly, there are no signs of “massive advertising campaigns,” and they certainly cannot “prove it.” We followed instructions to check the leaderboard that they claimed to be on, and to no surprise, they were not in sight. Considering the biggest referer on that leaderboard only had 14 monthly referrals. Even if AdultWork’s Finest Performers were competing with 14 monthly referrals, “massive” seems dramatic. We did, however, see those other groups that Collin Mccall said wouldn’t be there, which was a bit awkward. 😬

Moving on, dailypayservice.com mention that they advertise their members on the adultworkforum that receives 40K daily visitors. That’s a lot of traffic and very impressive 😲. However, that again proved to be untrue and wildly exaggerated 😔. Below is the adultworkforum.com traffic over the past three months…


Adultworkforum.com has an average daily traffic of around 240, with a 55% bounce rate, which means that only 100 of those members stop by for longer than five seconds. Judging by the number of referrals they are not getting, that traffic would seem very accurate.

Next, Collin and Janine Mccall claim to offer advertisements via Twitter. Although this is true, you’ll notice that they only have 2K followers and virtually no engagement. No links, no shares, no comments, nothing. 😬

Finally, we followed their instructions to look at the previous groups that bid for a group of the day. According to dailypayservice.com, they are there “every day.”

adultworks finest performers

From that one FAQ, we knew we couldn’t trust a word the group said. But we still decided to dig just a bit deeper, where we found the lies spilling out from Collin Mccall and Janine Mccall.

After seeing question 11, we found it exciting that only they can hide the group name from a profile. So, we decided to look at other group descriptions, and here is what we found…


As for the final question, “Can I leave at any time” going by numerous scam reports we have received here at bestcamsites.co, it would be reasonable to assume that it isn’t the case and that you may face some difficulties getting out of the group.

Should I Join Dailypayservice.com?

We recommend avoiding dailypayservice.com (AdultWork’s Finest Performers) due to the high negative feedback from Collin Mccall and Janine Mccall. It is transparent that concerning tactics are being used to gain sign-ups, and they are making every effort to prevent members from leaving. There are clear GDPR and data protection breaches and many concerning complaints. Please share your feedback on this group with other members by commenting below.

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