Adult cam sites sit among the most visited websites worldwide, which tells us everyone loves masturbating. Masturbation is normal, a part of life, and even sexy. This is why hundreds of millions of men visit webcam sites every month, searching for women playing so that they can masturbate themselves while watching. In most cases, you can take performers into private, one-to-one shows where you can even Masturbate2Gether; nothing is hotter than that.

This article looks at some of the best keywords, phrases, and technics used on cam sites to pull up the hottest masturbation cams.

How To Find The Perfect Masturbation Webcams

If you’re looking for masturbation webcams, you will search just that or click the #masturbate tag. Being such a broad keyword, you’ll likely see thousands of live cams, essentially putting you back to square one. You wouldn’t have used a keyword if you wanted to browse through that many cams. At least, I would hope you wouldn’t. With that said, it’s best to use more targeted keywords and tags exposing webcams you’re likely to enjoy.

For example, if you like Latinas that masturbate, select Latina, and click the filter box (most adult cam sites have these). From there, you’ll be able to choose additional options, such as “masturbate” and more, to reduce the search results and filter to perfection.

As well as using the filters to your advantage, you can also try other, less-used keywords that reveal similar cams in the search box; here are some great ones that we found.

  • Fingering / Finger
  • Play / Playing
  • Toy / Toys (or toy type/name in specific)
  • Orgasms / Orgasm
  • Squirt / Squirting \ Squirts
  • Masturbate / Masturbating (vs. the standard tag “masturbation”)

Lastly, you can use the biggest and best search engine, to get very specific, Google. You can use Google to essentially search precisely what you’re looking for on all cam sites at once. So, if what you’re looking for is in existence, Google will find it. Assuming you like BBWs that masturbate, you can search “live BBW masturbating webcams” or anything along those lines for a long list of quality results.


Webcamming is meant to be fun, don’t waste your precious play time browsing hundreds of irrelevant webcams trying to find the right one. Using techniques like those mentioned will give you a quality list specifically tailored to you, reduce your search time, and increase your playtime.

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