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Whether you’re an experienced webcam model that wants more than what your site offers or you want to become a webcam model, what better place to start than Flash Models?

What Is Flashmodelrecruit.com

By far the world’s largest webcam agency. The Flash network is massive, and they offer more services than anyone else. You can join Flash as a recruit; they will guide you every step of the way and help you succeed as a performer. You can opt for their reputable daily pay service, so you don’t need to wait for the site to pay you out. Flash is also opening real studios across the globe for performers to rent rooms and work in a relaxed and suitable environment.

Webcam Agency or Independent, Which Is Better?

Generally speaking, models will swear by one another, and there is no right or wrong answer. The obvious downfall to joining a webcam agency is losing a percentage of your earnings. Typically, this is a small amount, generally 5% – 10%. However, many will argue that the percentage loss is worth the service. For example, Flash models offer daily pay services, so you don’t need to wait weeks for payment. Also, you could earn more than their fee under an agency due to their promotion and training, so it pays for itself and is undoubtedly worth the money.

What Site Will I Be On With Flash Models?

Unless you’re an experienced performer specifically requesting daily payouts on a particular website, Flash models will get you started on Streamate. This is because Streamate is a premium cam site and the perfect choice for new models. It’s easy to wrap your head around things; there is huge earning potential and not an unmanageable audience size.

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