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If there’s one thing that every guy on the planet has wondered at some point in his life, it’s how he could go about making a girl fall in love with him. It’s something that he craves and most people feel like they’ll be lost without someone who loves them. It’s easily one of the most sought after pieces of information in the world. In fact, you can find guides on how to do it on sites like Luvze.com. Sometimes these things will work for you and other times they won’t. Of course, it’s not always as easy as it could be. If you have someone that you enjoy talking to over the phone then you might want to make her fall in love with you with nothing more than your calls to make it happen. Doing it this way can be even more difficult than doing it in person. All you have are your words and you have to learn how to use them to your advantage. If that’s the situation that you find yourself in, here are the best ways to make a girl fall in love over the phone.

Get Her Lustful 

There’s no way that you’re going to be able to get her to fall in love with you if you don’t get her to fall in lust first. That’s always the very first step to something more. You have to be willing to get her off over the phone and show her that you’ll be able to tend to all of her needs with your voice.

This girl loves to share adult sext messages and nothing gets her off harder than that. If you want to satisfy her sexual needs then you have to know what they are first. That’s going to require an open conversation about sex with her. You’ll have to dig deep and learn about what really gets her off. Those are the things that you’ll have to provide for her. You might just be surprised at how willing she happens to be to talk to you about sex and that’s a very good thing. If she’s going to just give you the answers you need, let her. It’s the best way to get right to it and make her fantasies come true while you’re talking to her.

Make Her Happy in Everything

Once you figure out how to satisfy her sexual cravings, you have to move on to taking care of the rest of her needs. This is something that men have been after since the dawn of time. If you want to get a good crash course on making a woman happy then you can check out Good Men Project. They let you know what you should be thinking about and how you can get the most out of everything that you do for her. It really comes down to the small things more than anything else. If you can take care of those then you’ll be well on your way to making her fall in love with you. Just keep in mind that this is no easy feat over the phone. There’s only so much that you can do that way. If you can focus on supporting her then it might just be enough to get what you’re after. Let her know that she always has someone that she can talk to and that you’ll always be there for her. That’s what most women are after and being that person is what you need to do.

Practice Getting Her Off

All it takes now is knowing where and how to get started. You can’t just get into it with her and expect to know how to do everything you want to do. Your best bet is to practice the first step with someone else first. You have to know how to get her off and that starts with knowing how to get any kind of girl off over the phone. The best place to do that is Arousr. You can find any kind of girl that you want and have phone sex with her. Everyone on this site is always ready to have some fun with someone new. You can try out different things with them and pay attention to what they like or don’t like. If you come up with something that really turns them on, make sure you remember what it was. That’s what you’re going to want to do with her the next time you talk. You can practice all you want and get as good as you possibly can. That’s going to be your starting point when it comes to making her fall in love with you over the phone.

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