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Most Popular Top Celebrity Webcam Model Girls In 2022

Most Popular Top Celebrity Webcam Model Girls In 2022

There is undoubtedly huge money to be made in webcam modeling, so it would probably be no surprise to hear that many celebrities have turned cam models and content creators for the right price. But cam modeling has also created celebrities, giving performers enormous followings that allow them to move on to other things outside the industry.

You don’t want to miss this article for those who love celeb nudes. We list the top celebrity webcam models and the platforms you can find them on.

Why Would A Celebrity Perform Naked On Webcam?

Not all celebrities are rich. Many have made more money in the adult industry than on TV. Some stars have gained huge followings through shows and publicity but now only really remain famous on social media. Especially for those celebrities that were picking up the wrong type of press.

For those, how else better monetize your following than turning to the likes of OnlyFans or a cam platform?

Some celebrities have just been offered enormous amounts for adult cam chat, some just knowing that they can earn a lot. No matter how rich they are already, why throw away an opportunity like that.

Top Celebrity Cam Girls In 2022?

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham first appeared on the popular reality TV show 16 and Pregnant in 2008. Some years and a boob job later, the plastic star was offered a handsome sum of money to do an exclusive, leaked MMS type porn video for Vivid. Although there is no official number as to how much she was paid, it’s believed to be around 1M USD.

After Farrah Abraham had overcome her awkward stage fright, she continued to progress in her adult career and moved to webcamming.

Farrah Abraham, now 30 years old, was an ambassador for a popular freemium cam site, camsoda, and has performed nudity shows on there several times.

Riley Reid

riley reid

Ok, everybody that watches porn knows who Riley Reid is. A famous pornstar would be an understatement. Riley Reid is undoubtedly the most famous porn star in the world.

Riley began her porn career in 2011 and quickly grew to become one of the industry’s biggest names. Riley has won multiple awards over the years and has appeared on numerous webcam sites. Her most common appearance is on camsoda.

Skyler Lo

Skyler Lo

Skyler Lo is a trendy webcam girl famous for being a cam model. She has accumulated millions of fans since she first began her modeling career and is now a famous social influencer. Skyler Lo primarily performs on popular cam site Myfreecams, and you’ll often find her with other hot female partners.

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