Cam sites are huge in the modern adult industry, and many prefer them to conventional porn sites. Today, making a comfortable living as a cam performer is no longer something that a friend’s friend is supposedly doing. Regular Janes and Joes are flashing their goods on stream in exchange for generous amounts of cash right now.

That said, while the business has grown, it’s also become much more complex than a decade ago. The audience and the most successful performers know what they want. If you’d like to one-up your competition, you’ll want to get ahead of the game. As a company servicing every aspect of the adult industry, Vicetemple boasts that it can help you with that.

Let’s see if there’s any merit to that claim.

Why You May Need Vicetemple

In their words, Vicetemple is your one-stop solution for the adult industry. And with over 1,400 clients worldwide, they’ve got more than enough experience to back that claim. As a current (or future) cam performer, you may not need all of their services. After all, everything you do will be centered around one or several cam site(s). Right?

That’s true. However, if you wish to make as much as possible from your naughty little business, you’ll want to branch out at some point. Your very own website, even if it’s just a portfolio, could help propel you into mainstream fame and increase your earnings several times over.

If and when you decide to make that happen, you’ll appreciate the ability to get it all in one place, with exceptional support, and at more than reasonable prices. And that’s exactly what Vicetemple provides.

So, what services are we talking about? Let’s start with the bare essentials: web hosting.

Web Hosting and Domain for Any Budget

Web hosting is necessary to get any website online. No matter how it looks or the features it has, a site is only on the internet if it’s hosted somewhere. To help get and keep yours up (pun intended), Vicetemple has a wide range of hosting plans sorted into three main categories: adult web hosting, adult VPS, and adult servers.

Adult web hosting is the cheapest option. It’s an equivalent of shared hosting but tailored to the industry’s needs, meaning that it supports adult content (rare for similar plans). While these aren’t the best when it comes to bandwidth, storage space, and other tech specs, they’re ridiculously cheap, going from $6 a month and up.

On the other hand, an adult VPS is a middle ground between adult web hosting and an adult server. In simple terms, a VPS is for you if you need a bit more storage, traffic, and speed, but don’t want to turn your pockets inside out. They start at $28 per month.

Finally, an adult server gives the best specs in exchange for some serious dough, starting from $165 and going up from there. They’re a bit on the expensive side, but that’s to be expected.

While web hosting is necessary for getting your site online, a domain is a must for people to be able to find it. One of the many nice things about Vicetemple is that you get one for free with each hosting plan. This includes your usual .com, .net, and .org extensions, along with adult domain extensions such as .sex, .porn, .xxx, and the like.

Adult Themes: Instant Websites That Anyone Can Use

Making a website is easier said than done, or at least that was the case until the invention of website themes. These templates allow anyone to launch a fully-functional website without knowing the first thing about coding or design. All good themes are customizable, meaning that you can fine-tune the end result to look how you wish.

At the moment, Vicetemple offers two themes: PornX and ModelX. PornX lets anyone launch a tube site like Pornhub, XVideos, xHamster, and such. Much more importantly, ModelX is the first website theme made explicitly for adult models, content creators, and performers.

Whether you’re looking for a spot to showcase your portfolio, need a place to host content that’s too hot for most mainstream sites, or just want a hub that connects all your online profiles, this theme will make it happen. Alongside full customization, it has a built-in store (including subscription models), payment integration, live cam integration, and more.

Vicetemple’s Other Services: From SEO to Web Design and Development

Of course, a website is only as valuable as its traffic. That’s why Vicetemple is offering top-tier SEO services to get you the attention you need. It wouldn’t surprise us if a good number of cam sites we reviewed had used them in the past or are using them right now.

And if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, their web designers can polish up your website for you. The same goes for building custom features; if you need something that ModelX can’t deliver, their web developers can create it on request.


All in all, we’re more than impressed with Vicetemple. Their website has a pleasant, exotic look and feel, the illustrations are sexy, and their prices seem more than fair — especially considering their experience and rep.

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